It's in your hands …

With fleetmatch you can rate loading ramps - quickly and easily. The more drivers join in the better it will be, because fleetmatch enables you to show companies in practice how they can improve your daily work.

Beta version for Android Multilingual full version (for Android and iOS) available from October 2019



Everybody needs them, hardly anyone wants them: trucks. And their drivers have to transport more and more goods in an ever shorter time. There is extreme stress and pressure to meet deadlines, while at the same time appreciation and respect are diminishing. Kings of the road? Forget it!
fleetmatch has set out to change all this. The aim: to give professional truckers a strong voice. And with it the chance to improve their everyday work

In an app. With one tap of their finger.

What fleetmatch offers

fleetmatch is a new app from Continental. It offers truck drivers a range of attractive advantages and benefits.


Get to know fleetmatch and check out some of the screens on the new app from Continental.

Fleetmatch: Facts and figures

fleetmatch is an app from Continental AG and is free of charge for drivers.



fleetmatch thrives on participation by as many drivers as possible - especially in the beta phase. Do you have any ideas or tips on what else we could include in the app? What's really important to you? What do you urgently need? We look forward to receiving your suggestions!

In an app. With one tap of their finger.


Personal data agreement

Personal data for the purpose of contacting will not be collected and stored. By clicking the checkbox „I agree“ you agree to data collection, storing and processing for the purpose of contacting you. You also have the possibility to revoke your approval at any time later on. To do so, please send a message to ContiTech AG (

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